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The 110 Nation, LLC brings you the latest facts, opinions and thoughts on what is going on in the sports world.  Click below to learn more about us and meet our staff….

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The 110 Nation Sports Radio Network provides The 110 Nation with the ability to attack the airwaves on the biggest topics in the sports world.  Don’t miss a single show, click below and listen in………

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The 110 Nation brings you original content, press releases and much much more.  Click below to see the latest going on with teams, players and drivers we have built strong, long lasting relationships with and also see our thoughts and opinions on the biggest topics of the day……

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The 110 Nation

Founded April 15, 2011 by Jason McMillan, a.k.a., Mr. C.J. Sports, The 110 Nation LLC was designed so fans could talk sports on a larger scale through the use of the web and radio airwaves. Currently, we do this by hosting six radio shows a week (with plans for more) and fan/listener participation through social media:

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/110nationsports/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/110nation?s=09

Our shows run the sports gamut from racing (RACE CHAT LIVE WITH CHRIS AND CRAIG, HOT LAPS WITH STATS) to every athletic endeavor in the Sports World (The 110 Nation Sports Show and The C.J. Report w/Mr. C.J. Sports).

Finally, as we look toward the future, we hope to provide internships in all aspects of journalism, radio production and marketing, while expanding our number of affiliates and sponsors, thus broadening our national scope.

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The 110 Nation, LLC to be on the Kayla Lyons Racing car AGAIN in 2019!!!

Yes, that’s right…….The 110 Nation,LLC and Kayla Lyons Racing decided to renew their partnership in 2019.  “It has been a great opportunity to get to watch Kayla grow, personally and on the track.  Looking forward to another GREAT season and getting to be there as Kayla continues to grow”, Mr. C.J. Sports said.  “I am looking forward to watching her this season and getting to catch up!”, Mr. C.J. Sports.  Make sure you tune into The 110 Nation Sports Show to get the latest season updates on Kayla Lyons Racing.

Kayla Lyons racing

The 110 Nation and Carolina Sports Plus continue their partnership in 2019

I am very glad to announce that Mr. C.J. Sports (CEO/Founder of The 110 Nation, LLC) and Mario Edwards (Founder of Carolina Sports Plus) have agreed to continue their partnership in 2019.

“Mario went above and beyond in 2018.  Carolina Sports Plus was a big factor to our growth this last year.  I am very excited to see what contest we will have this year, what gifts will be handed out this year and seeing this partnership blossom even more this year”

  • Mr. C.J. Sports

Make sure you check out Carolina Sports Plus on face book at Carolina Sports +Plus

(Also click the Carolina Sports Plus logo!!!)

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