First one to win at home wins it all?


So I just blew the dust off my keyboard here to bring you guys the NHL fans some stuff to read. Now that we are in the conference finals, I wanna start in the east and really try to see whats going on here with the Caps and Bolts. This isn’t new territory for Tampa, who have made deep playoff runs in recent years, but for the Caps, it’s been a while.



For me, I do believe Ovechkin really turned a corner in the Columbus series when they dropped the first 2 games at home. I think he knew that if they lost that series, and it would have been a first round knockout, major changes were going to come. It carried into the series with Pittsburgh, where the Caps continued to just chip away shift by shift, minute by minute, and period by period. Washington has in my opinion the easier path to this point compared to Tampa Bay. The Bolts had the New Jersey Devils in the first round and then the Boston in the second round.












Right now the Lightning were a little bit exhausted from that Boston series, who were playing a very physical game. Though on the plus side, Tampa has scored a power play goal in 9 straight games, not an easy feat to accomplish. Both teams on the power play are very lethal, Washington being the second or third best in that category. The even strength play has had little effect on the outcome until last night in game 4, with Kucherov’s goal in the third period.  I feel that there will be more disciplined play as this series comes to end, making even strength play that much more crucial in the end.

The goaltenders, Holtby for the Caps and Vasilevskiy for the Bolts have been absolutely stellar. Vasilevskiy is 10-4 this post season, with 91.8% save percentage and a goals against average of 2.63. Holtby is 10-5 with a 91.7% save percentage and a goals against average of 2.24. Now these numbers aren’t what you’d expect from a playoff stand point, but if you were or are watching this series, these goalies are putting on a show. Which makes the playoffs so much fun to watch, and be a fan of.

Now that this series is tied at 2 a piece, it is now a best of three. Since no team has yet to win on home ice, who ever does win on their own ice is going to be the favorite to win the series overall, I only say this because both teams have been awesome on the road. Either way I’m still going to be entertained, and the other thing is if Washington wins, we are guaranteed a first time Stanley Cup winner!!!

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