Meet our 2018 CARS Kids:

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Meet our precious little angel, Adeline. She is 6
months old and was born with Aicardi Syndrome
(Absent tissue connecting the left and right
sides of the brain. They have seizures which
tend to progress to epilepsy that can be difficult
to treat). There are less than 900 children in the
US with this syndrome. She has detached
retinas, her optic nerves are not formed, and her
pituitary gland is not operating correctly which
is causing issues with her thyroid. She will be
legally blind.
Adeline is the first child of David & Katie of

Jayden “Beanz”
Meet our soccer star who was diagnosed with
Osteosarcoma (Very rare cancer that is a
cancerous tumor in a bone). Jayden has it in his
left tibia. He was playing soccer in PE when he
tripped and ended up at the ER. It was then they
found he had this cancer in March 2017. He has
had platelets and blood transfusions and is in
physical therapy now. Jayden had his last chemo
in the end of Jan. He has had 4 surgeries (to
remove the tumor, skin graph, muscle
replacement). His entire leg is in a brace locked
at 60 degrees to prevent the bone from breaking.
No weight bearing on it.
Jayden’s parents are Alicia and Sergio from Tampa and has 3 siblings all at home.

Everyone here at CARS Racin’ For A Dream welcome these two precious children to
our family. We will be raising money all year to help these kids and their families as
they face an uphill battle. We ask that you all keep them in your prayers and hope to
see you at one of many fundraisers we will have this year!

*Note from The110Nation: CARS Racin’ For a Dream is a charity we have supported for several years now. We hope you will support them too!*

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  1. Thank you so much for always supporting our kids. We are looking forward to a great year and seeing the smiles we all will help put on our 2018 kid’s face. Thank you 🙂

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