NBA Finals Game 5: Can the Warriors Pull This Off?


By Mac the Intern

            I want to start this off by saying that it was confirmed today that Kevin Durant ruptured his Achilles Tendon in Monday’s game in Toronto. Whether you like him or not, this is a devastating injury. An Achilles tear or rupture is something that is very difficult for any athlete to come back from, especially NBA players where cutting abruptly is such a huge part of the game. As an NBA fan, I hated seeing this. I can only hope for a speedy recovery for KD. The NBA is a better league with him on the floor.

            Now, for a quick game recap before we head into Game 6 on Thursday-the Warriors finally looked like the Warriors. They pushed the ball, played tight defense, and rebounded well. While they only won by a single point, this is probably the most Warriors stat of the night: 20 of 42 from three (47.6%). Toronto shot 8-32 from behind the arc. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 57 points, and Boogie Cousins dropped in 14 off the bench. Draymond Green was a few rebounds short of a triple-double for the second straight game. All this was done in spite of losing KD, who had dropped in 11 points in 12 minutes of game time. 

            So, can Golden State pull this off? They would have to play lights out like they did on Monday night. Even playing as well as they did, they still only won by 1. Toronto is going to come out swinging-they just need to bag one more win to win Toronto’s first NBA title, and they have the weapons to do it. Six Raptors scored in double-digits. They have all the tools to take the Larry O’Brien Trophy to our neighbor to the north.

            I’ll say this though: with the shooters that Golden State has, never count them out. With that being said, I still think the Raptors take it. I think losing KD is going to take some of the wind out of the collective sails for the Warriors. The man is a game changer, and losing him (even after playing without him for a month) in the way they did will be an emotional gut-check that will be hard to bounce back from. But it is Golden State. They won’t go down without a fight.(All statistics provided by

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