July 27, 2021

About The 110 Nation

There is ONLY ONE Nation….The 110 Nation

The 110 Nation Sports (The 110 Nation, LLC) was founded on April 15, 2011 by Founder/CEO Mr. C.J. Sports. C.J. wanted to have a platform that die hard fans could share their thoughts, opinions and ideas with the world. Either by writing on our blog, through the air on our podcast or with our fans on our fan page.

Our Staff

CEO/Founder – Mr. C.J. Sports

VP of Operations/PR – Mrs. Lee

Radio Talent – Chris Creighton – NASCAR/ALL racing expert

Craig Moore – NASCAR/ALL racing expert

Izzo – NHL expert

Site Editor – Brandy Turner

Contact Us

Facebook – The 110 Nation Sports

Twitter – @110nation

Email – the110nation@gmail.com