September 22, 2020

Isan Diaz Opts Out Of 2020 Season

Miami Marlins’ Isan Diaz Opts Out Of 2020 Season, even though the Marlins received no new positive results in their latest round of COVID-19 testing.

Even though Diaz consistently tested negative while the season was on hold (and wasn’t one of the Marlin players to test positive), he decided to become the first Miami player to opt out. As Isan Diaz opts out of 2020 season, he becomes one of the first sixteen players to do so.

Isan Diaz on Instagram

“This has been a tough week to see so many of my teammates come down with this virus, and see how quickly it spreads. After much deliberation and thought, I have made the difficult choice of opting out for the remainder of the 2020 season. This has been a decision that I have discussed with my family, and I feel it’s the best one for me and my overall well-being. I will deeply miss my teammates and competing on the field. I wish my brothers the best and look forward to taking the field again with them soon!!!”

Unless Diaz is deemed to be a high-risk individual by MLB’s standards, he will not receive pay or service-time credit for the rest of the year.

This coming on the same weekend as Baseball Commissioner Rob Mandred says he feels confident we will get a season in and crown a champ. Even though, reports of players opting out and games being postponed are now daily, the commissioner is keeping a positive attitude.

Diaz was in his second season. As a rookie, Díaz hit .173/.259/.307 in 49 games and 201 plate appearances. Even though the Marlins have a lot of hope that Diaz will develop into the player they need, this just means that they aren’t missing much in 2020. Just valuable game-time experience, but no significant piece to the roster.