March 2, 2021

Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals FINALLY agree on a contract

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 draft, has FINALLY agreed in principle to a $36.1M contract with the the Cincinnati Bengals (pending his physical).

Burrow will be receiving 100% of his $23.88 million signing bonus from the Bengals within 15 days of executing his contract. 

“It was a process,” Jimmy Burrow (Joe’s father) told ESPN’s WNXX of the negotiations. “There was language that needed to be ironed out. As a parent, you get a little nervous when it isn’t a done deal.”

The finalization of the deal seemed to be a sigh of relief for the elder Burrow, who joked, “We finally got him outta our basement.”

I am sure it was a process, Burrow’s is obviously not worth the money the family thought he was worth, making the agreement drag out much longer than it should have (Baker Mayfield wasn’t top three draft pick, got almost as much, $32.68M and ALL guaranteed).

Burrow’s will be the obvious starter, as Cincinnati got rid of the previous bust as soon as they drafted this one, I mean as soon as they drafted Burrow.