March 6, 2021

NBA Players Boycott Playoffs

The NBA has announced that all three playoff games Wednesday have been postponed and rescheduled, due to players boycotting.

The protest comes in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday.

By now, almost everyone has seen the video that went viral, that one of Blake’s neighbors had video recorded. Showing the Kenosha Police Department having problems detaining Blake, after a disturbance call had been called in. After trying to use a taser gun, detain and arrest Blake, he decided to continue on by opening his car door and reach in, the cops were forced to use harsher means to detain Blake. Blake was shot multiple times. Blake has had issues with resisting arrest (and even injuring the cops), carrying weapons and having unregistered guns, making this an intense situation.

The NBA, who has Black Lives Matter plastered every where, even after catching much criticism for their over the top support of the hate group BLM, they were the first to boycott sports after this incident happened Sunday (MLB has announced Brewers/Reds game boycotted tonight) . NBA ratings are amongst the lowest it has ever had in the playoffs (ratings down over 30% from 2019 already), even with not much else going on in the sports world.

The players have called for a meeting Wednesday night to determine the next step. Honestly, at this point, there is really no sense of continuing the season. The NBA has spent the last two to three months really nailing their own nails into the coffin.