August 14, 2020

NFL fans, you WILL wear a mask if you want to attend a game

With the New York Jets and Giants already announcing that they won’t have fans in their stands and the Los Angeles Rams will either have fans in a limited capacity or won’t have fans at all as well, it’s looking very dark and unlikely for football fans attending any games this year.

For those fortunate fans that are lucky enough to have a team that will allow their fans to attend, it will come with one major stipulation…

Yes, that’s right…NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy announced the league-wide plan that requires all fans attending NFL games this season will be required to wear a face covering.

With already losing out on a preseason game I had tickets for, I guess I will now have to decide, if the Cleveland Browns allow fans in the stand for their home games…on whether… I need to get an orange or brown mask to support my time when they play the Washington “Whatever they are called now”. (Didn’t honestly think I would pass up the opportunity to go to a Cleveland Browns game, did you?)