August 14, 2020

No Preseason for the NFL in 2020?

Yes, you read that right…the NFL has agreed to the NFL Players Association’s request to eliminate the entire 2020 preseason.

The NFL Players Association has agreed to a 80-player roster limit for training camp, instead of the usual 90.

To help ease the minds of the players and their safety, both sides agreed to COVID-19 testing protocols, which will include daily testing for the first two weeks of training camp.

Both sides have already finalized protocols regarding team travel, media, and treatment response, and now have updated their facilities protocol to specifically address training camp based on recommendations from a joint committee of doctors, trainers and strength coaches formed by the league and players’ union.

Fingers are crossed, as it looks more and more uncertain we will have a season. Training camp begins in the next week, so all eyes will be on how camp goes, how comfortable players feel and how well teams follow protocol.