March 2, 2021

The NFL owes Kaepernick NOTHING

Can we please just stop with the non-sense and the ignorance that is going around about the NFL owing anyone an apology? This is nothing but a bunch of word vomit coming from someone who wants to be the center of attention and push his agenda.

For some reason though, LeBron James has once again decided to stick his two cents in on another topic that has nothing to do with him.

James said…

“As far as the NFL, I’m not in those locker rooms, I’m not with those guys, but I do understand that an apology — I have not heard a true, official apology to Colin Kaepernick on what he was going through and what he was trying to tell the NFL and tell the world about why he was kneeling when he was doing that as a San Francisco 49er. I just see that to still be wrong. Now they are listening some, but I still think we have not heard that official apology to a man who basically sacrificed everything for the better of this world.”

For the one billionth time, Kaepernick did NOT sacrifice everything, as a matter of fact, he sacrificed nothing.

He got benched by the 49ers for Blaine Gabbert, because he was one of the worst staring quarterbacks in the NFL. POINT BLANK. PERIOD

LeBron can say what he wants and twist it to fit his agenda, but stats are stats and facts are facts. Kaepernick ONLY had one starting quarterback worse than him in his last two seasons. At best, you take all three stats and put them together, he was better than maybe, A BIG MAYBE, 2.5 starting quarterbacks. Those are facts, not opinions or some “theory”, PURE FACTS.

For those that say he was black balled, the fact he was given offers, as a back-up quarterback and he turned them down ONLY wanting starting quarterback salary, throws that “theory” out the window.

So to hear anyone say the NFL owes Kaepernick anything or that he was black balled just makes you sound ignorant.

Maybe as ignorant to hear someone say he sacrificed it all. Kaepernick has earned more from endorsements and other venues than he probably would have ever made as a second or third string quarterback.

So tell me, what exactly did he sacrifice?

NFL owners are able to read stats and understand facts, this is the reason he is still yet to have any serious offers or have a contract. It has become more acceptable in today’s time to disrespect the flag and military so that’s no longer an excuse. Now its all about his lack of talent and now age.

This is NOT the first time LeBron has run his mouth and spinning things to fit an agenda. It’s not even the first time he made false claims or not presented facts or any evidence on things he claims or accuses.

The facts are…Kaepernick was one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL the last two season he played…he was benched for Blaine Gabbert, who was fired from Jacksonville because he was almost as bad…he was given offers to be a second or third string quarterback, he turned them down because he wanted more money (he wasn’t worth)…he disrespected the military and the flag every chance given…and the NFL DOES NOT owe Kaepernick an apology…THOSE ARE THE FACTS!!!