June 20, 2021

The NFL’s Divisional Playoff Weekend is in the Books

The NFL’s Divisional Playoff Weekend is in the books, and went exactly as predicted.

Going into this weekend the storylines were…Will Rodgers continue his MVP run? Will Lamar be Lamar? Are the Browns still the same Browns? And who will win the battle of the aging quarterbacks, Brees or Brady?

And we got all those answers, maybe a little more…

Will Rodgers continue his MVP run?

Saturday evening we watched the #1 offense (Green Bay Packers) square off against the #1 defense (L.A. Rams).

More importantly, we got to watch the clear cut favorite MVP front-runner Aaron Rodgers put on another clinic, this time on the #1 defense in the NFL.

Rodgers went 23 of 36 for 296 yards with 3 TDs (2 passing, 1 rushing).

The Green Bay Packers won easily, 32 to 18 in front of 8,456 fans, the first time they have been allowed to have fans all season.

“I’m definitely a little emotional, just thinking about what we’ve been through,” said Rodgers.

Next up…home against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next Sunday in NFC Championship game.

Will Lamar be Lamar?

It seems that Baltimore fans thought all of a sudden that Lamar Jackson learned how to be an accurate throwing quarterback. Or even just a decent throwing quarter would had been sufficient. But…Lamar will be Lamar and now the Buffalo Bills will advance to the AFC Championship game.

Running back, I mean quarterback, Lamar Jackson went 14 of 24 for 162 yards passing with 1 INT (101 yard pick-six), while the Buffalo Bills defense limited Jackson to 42 yards rushing on nine carries.

Buffalo came in with a simple game plan, the easy to follow blue print to stopping Jackson…don’t let him run the ball. Make him do what he is weakest and most uncomfortable doing, pass the ball.

Guess what…it was that simple!!!

Buffalo’s Josh Allen went 23 of 37 for 206 yards and a touchdown in the 17 to 3 win over the Ravens.

Next up…Buffalo travels to Kansas City to play against the defending Champs in the AFC Championship game Sunday.

Are the Browns still the same Browns?

Yes, the Browns are still the same old Browns.

Even after getting screwed on one of the worst rules in the NFL and also not getting one of the most obvious helmet-to-helmet personal foul calls in NFL playoff history, the Browns still found away of…well, being the Browns.

Mahomes went  21 of 30 for 255 yards and a TD, and ran for another score before leaving the game in the third quarter with a concussion.

Enters Chad Henne, who had never thrown a pass in a playoff game in his long professional career.

Giving the Browns, who had already had swung the momentum in their favor, the opportunity they needed to complete the 19 to 3 comeback.

With the game on the line and Henne 5 of 7 for 63 yards and an INT (in a quarter and a half of game play) at the time, the Browns let the Chiefs convert on a fourth and inches, with just under 2:00 left in the game and deep in Kansas territory. Putting the nail in the coffin and securing the win for Kansas City. (Henne finished 6 of 8 for 66 yards and an INT)

Mayfield threw for 204 yards with a touchdown and an INT in a losing effort.

Next up (Kansas City)…home against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

And who will win the battle of the aging quarterbacks, Brees or Brady?

The final game of the divisional playoff weekend spotlighted to of the oldest, but most decorated and respected quarterbacks in the NFL.

Coming into this game, the Saints have owned this series in 2020, 2-0.

That left us wondering, who would win round three…Brees or Brady?

And when it was all said and done…arguably the GOAT, found himself on the winning end of round three.

In the 30 to 20 victory over the New Orleans Saints, Brady finished 18 of 33 for 199 yards.

Not an impressive stat line, but most importantly, a winning stat line.

Drew Brees, the NFL’s all-time leader in completions and yards passing, went 19 of 34 for 134 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions in what might have been his last game in the NFL.

“I appreciate all that this game has given to me,” Brees said. “There are obviously so many incredible memories.”

Up next…the Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to Green Bay to face the red hot Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game Sunday.