June 20, 2021

The SEC releases their 2020 schedule

The SEC released their 2020 schedule today. With all hopes that their fall season won’t get cancelled, here is how the schedule looks…

Not sure how in a “Power Conference” Alabama still managed to have a weak schedule, as they might face three top 25 teams. This is Alabama, so no one is surprised. This is better than their one, maybe two, top 25 scheduled opponents in a “normal” regular season for the Roll Tide.

Season kicks off in about a month, with a 10 game schedule. The SEC Championship game to be held just two weeks after the regular season.

Now, the SEC did decide to keep its annual rivalry week on the weekend of Thanksgiving. Which is normally the last week of the season, but the 2020 schedule has the final week of the season as December 5. This could change rivalry week, with this game not determining everything, but there being yet another game that might become now even more important for teams to make the SEC Championship game.

Fingers crossed, that there are a lot of teams with 1 or 2 loss records, causing a twist of playoff game or something to spice up what is going to be a long and uninteresting college season for us who won’t have a team playing. What can I say, if I have to watch another conference, then I want the plot to thicken.

Key Games:

October 3 – Auburn at Georgia

October 17 – Georgia at Alabama

October 17 – LSU at Florida

November 14 – Alabama at LSU

There are a few upset games I see in the making, but these games…they will lay out the path to the SEC Championship game.