September 23, 2020

We WILL have baseball this year!!!

Major League Baseball has FINALLY announced that we will have a season in 2020. The MLB Players Association (MLBPA) let the league know on Tuesday that the players have agreed to commissioner Rob Manfred’s imposed outline for a 2020 season.

The players are set to report for another version of “spring” training on July 1, and the league’s imposed 60-game season will start July 24. Yes, a 60-game season. This, I am very excited about. I love baseball and will got to a ballpark any chance I get. The 162-game season though, I don’t have the patients.  This 60-game will be more of an action packed sprint, versus that long dry marathon of a season.

The two sides have also finalized health and safety protocols on Tuesday night, the union said. 

MLB owners voted Monday night to have Manfred mandate a season. Which has left fans scratching their hands, wondering why they act like they wanted to work with the players, but instead they got the 60-game season they wanted from the beginning.

The league and players failed to reach a modified agreement for a 2020 season after weeks of negotiations (or what the owners wanted the players to think were negotiations) and Manfred had the right to impose a schedule thanks to a deal the two sides struck in March. 

Ultimately, the negotiations about a return-to-play plan stalled when the owners started dictating the length of the season and how much money the players would receive. In which the players refused the play, but ended up caving in and giving the owners what they wanted from the beginning.

Key Notes from the agreement:

Teams have to submit their 60-player rosters to league office by Sunday at 3 PM EST. Once the season begins, teams will be allowed to carry 30 players on their active roster. That number will drop to 28 after two weeks, then 26 after four weeks

Every team will play 40 games against divisional foes (or 10 apiece) and 20 interleague games against the geographical equivalent. The Cleveland Indians, for example, will play all their games against NL and AL Central teams.

MLB is going to go ahead and “test” run a couple rule changes. In a season that is far from normal, it only makes sense to use this season to try out a couple rule changes and see if they work and get fan reactions. First rule change is a universal DH (pitchers will no longer hit in the NL too). Second rule is a baserunner placed on second at the start of every half-inning in extras to speed up the end of a tied game. I like both of these and want to see how they change the game, FOR THE BETTER.

MLB will have a trade deadline of August 31. This will also be the midway point of the season.

MLB will have a COVID-19-specific inactive list that players will be placed on if and when they test positive or show symptoms. This list will have no time table a player has to sit out, unlike the injured list, which is at least 10 days.

Unsigned players we be sent to Nashville and will be paid to remain in shape as potential replacement players.