August 14, 2020

What I got to witness this weekend, was truly AMERICAN

Shortly before the playing of the National Anthem.

This is something that is outside of the box for me, something that I do not normally write about. It would be something that I would share on my show, The 110 Nation Sports Show (Monday and Wednesday 8 PM to 9 PM EST) and will tomorrow, but not something that I would take the time to actually write about.

The family and I went out to the Fox Hollow Rodeo on Saturday. I hadn’t been to a rodeo in probably 30 years before Saturday night. Being a fan of all sports and appreciating all athletes, we loaded up the car and made the 30 to 40 minute drive.

Full disclosure, the atmosphere and the way of life was something that I have never been around and was very different to me. I had to adjust and decided to have an open mind and enjoy the change of pace. This is coming from someone who lived in North Carolina for 20+ years. (Thought I had already seen it all, but this was like walking into the Twilight Zone)

After getting to our seats and settled in, I just watched and observed. Watching theses families supporting not just a sport, but a way of life to them. Kids, dogs, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and grandparents…supporting the athletes, friends/family (that were participants) and the owner of the arena.

It was probably the most inviting, positive and inspiring sporting event I have ever been to. Which says a lot, since I have spent the last 9+ years traveling for The 110 Nation to events, spent my entire life going to different sporting events and played different sports over many years.

There are those few moments in life, those moments that you are AMAZED and PROUD about something, someone or actions you witnessed. Just random, unexpected moments or events in life.

With the times being what they are, people pushing “their agendas” and God slowly but surely being removed out of everything, the next chain of events made me even PROUDER to have served in the U.S. Army, PROUDER to be an AMERICAN, made me a fan of the Fox Hollow Rodeo and AMAZED me to see a sport to proudly take a knee for our ONE and ONLY GOD and pray.

As it got to be time for the night’s events to begin, they asked for all those who have or are currently serving in the military to please stand. There were probably 6 to 10 of us. In a packed arena, I got chill bumps when I heard all the fans cheering and clapping. We then all sat down. BUT…that wasn’t good enough for the arena promoter, so he had us stand again and told them to really show their appreciation for all we sacrificed. This time time people got louder, cheered even louder and cherry on the top, my daughter moved down next to me, grabbed my hand, letting me know how much she appreciated what I did for this GREAT NATION.

The National Anthem played without a single person sitting, not a single person disrespecting the military….nothing of the such. A bunch of proud AMERICANS, standing and signing THE National Anthem.

Then, what happened next probably AMAZED me the most. I watched every single athlete in the arena, finally take a knee, but to pray to our creator….our maker….GOD. Wanting him to look over and protect the athletes, for us to have a safe event and ride home, to protect our servicemen, to help us find justice and to look over this GREAT NATION.

The competition brought their A-game, the athlete’s showed us why they are some of the best in the world, everyone made it without serious injury, there were laughs, smiles and many great memories.

Most importantly, Saturday night gave me hope. Hope that we can come together at sporting events, we can unite, we can make memories, we can be with our families, we can be PROUD AMERICANS and we can have PROUDLY put GOD first and keep GOD in sports.