June 20, 2021

Will the Jaguars waste another top pick?

What’s Jacksonville to do?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are finding themselves in familiar territory once again this year, who to use their top 10 draft pick on?

The Jaguars have had a top 10 pick 12 of the last 13 years, proving they are uncapable of making the right draft decision (or putting pieces around the one or two picks that weren’t a bust), keeping them a bottom feeder team of the NFL year-after-year.

The Jaguars have already wasted top picks at the quarterback position on Blaine Gabbert (2011 1st rd, 10th pick) and Blake Bortles (2014 1st rd, 3 pick) in this 12 years stretch.

With the Jaguars locking in the number one draft pick overall and the hiring of Urban Meyer, it is expected that the Jaguars take Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence as the number one pick in the 2021 draft.

With a new head coach and an unproven Lawrence, is it really wise to put Meyer’s in a potential no win situation and setting them back at least another year, when they could trade down, get a couple picks in return and draft wiser, not as pressured too?

Sure, Lawrence’s stats look good on paper (758 of 1,138 for 10,098 with 90 TDs, 17 INTs and 43 sacks). But, does it really look that good? Good enough to bet a coaching job and a franchise’s future on? Let’s get serious…

In this three year run that many have over hyped Trevor Lawrence, he has been a benefit of injuries, officiating and one of the weakest schedules ever known in the NCAA.

Trevor Lawrence (37-2) by the numbers

Of his 37 wins…

26 of them were against one of the weakest football conferences in the NCAA…the ACC. There has not been an ACC in this run or even since Florida State when Winston was play caller, that has been a threat to win a championship (or to finish in the top 10, if we are being honest).

3 of them against non major conferences. Furman, Wofford and the Citadel. Two of the three you wouldn’t even know they had football programs unless you were a die hard college football fan, then there is the Citadel.

1 of them against a Sun Belt conference team (Georgia Southern)

1 of them against a C-USA team (Charlotte)

1 of them against The Ohio State Buckeyes. They beat the Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl in 2019 because of one of the worst and most controversial calls by officials in the bowl’s history. Making it more about the SEC refs setting up the weaker team to play against LSU for the National Championship, then Clemson actually winning the game. (Which as expected, LSU manhandled the Tigers in the championship game)

4 of them against SEC programs. They played the weak and unranked Texas A&M and S. Carolina in 2018 and again in 2019 with Texas A&M being ranked 12th. Up until now, his list of victories have come against nobodies, nothing more than high school level teams or help of the officials. At least now, even with these being weak SEC teams, he has a few legitimate wins finally.

1 of the against Alabama in National Title game. Clemson had the fortunate luck to face a very injured plagued Roll Tide program for the 2018 National Title, giving Lawrence his only National Title is his “unbelieveable” college career.

The reality is…

The only two real opponents, that weren’t plagued with injuries in this three year stretch were the 2019 LSU and the 2020 Ohio State program, whom both manhandled Lawrence and the Clemson Tigers.

All the rest of their opponents were merely high school level teams, bailed out by horrendous officiating or against and injured plagued program.

So this brings me back to this, are the Jaguars ready to set Urban Meyer up failure? Are the Jaguars content with repeating history? Or will the Jaguars break this cycle, wise up and either draft a proven player or trade down and get a two-for-one in the 2021 draft to help Meyer’s build a winning franchise and culture in Jacksonville?